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The rings represent members of an interfaith family joining together to celebrate their traditions while respecting the distinctiveness of each faith.

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Interfaith Families Project

Sunday School Mission Statement

The Interfaith Families Project of Greater Washington (IFFP) offers a comprehensive religious education program for grades Preschool through 8. We aim to teach children about Judaism and Christianity in a way that both respects the uniqueness of each religion and acknowledges the history, scripture and values they share in common. We are dedicated to honest intellectual inquiry combined with faithfulness to tradition.

IFFP acknowledges that parents are their children's primary religious educators. We view our school as a community of learners and strive to provide a loving and accepting atmosphere, where children can question and explore with adults committed to supporting them. Our goal is to give children a sense of the meaning religion can bring to their lives and to provide them with a foundation for their life long spiritual journeys.

Sunday School Program Goals

The IFFP Sunday School program will:

  • Help students develop an understanding and appreciation of their Jewish/Christian identity in the context of a supportive interfaith community.
  • Support and encourage parents as their children's primary religious educators and mentors.
  • Strive to create a spirit of class cooperation, togetherness and understanding of individual differences.
  • Provide students with a setting in which they can comfortably explore their own ideas about faith, God, prayer and other religious concepts or practices.


  • Teach students the major characters, stories and lessons of both the Jewish Bible (TANAKH) and New Testament.
  • Celebrate the major holidays while teaching students about the history, stories, prayers and rituals that go along with them.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to learn about the different denominations and branches of Judaism and Christianity.
  • Help students understand the importance of Israel/Palestine in both religions and teach them about the land, its history, its peoples and its conflicts.
  • Provide students with an appreciation of the Hebrew language and teach them to read and pronounce the Hebrew alphabet and begin reading Hebrew prayers.
  • Encourage students to identify their values and develop the tools for ethical decision-making.
  • Highlight the importance of social justice in each tradition and give students the opportunity to engage in acts of community service/tzedakah.

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