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The rings represent members of an interfaith family joining together to celebrate their traditions while respecting the distinctiveness of each faith.

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IFFP Teen Group Goals:

1.  To foster a continued bond among the IFFP teens through social connection, friendship and trust.

2. To explore social, ethical, moral, and religious issues/choices through engaging experiences and discussions and to examine what these issues mean to the teens personally as they move into young adulthood.

3. To consistently contribute to the broader community through active service preferably through activities they can do as a group.

4. To simply have fun together.

5. To stay connected to the larger IFFP group through participation in IFFP-wide events.

Teen Group Activities:

This is a sampling of the activities our Teens have been involved with that support the goals of the group:

 Annual weekend trip to Chalfonte Hotel in Cape May, N.J., to help restore this historic hotel

Plan and lead IFFP Yom Kippur Service, make haroset for Passover seder, create craft/game booth for Purim Carnival
Teen Easter Egg Making and hunt

 Field trip to the Howard Astronomical League

 Visits to local church, synagogue and mosque services 

One week long summer program working with the Quaker Work Project of Maryland helping to restore a burnt down church

 Volunteering at the Capital Area Food Bank Building and maintaining a path and tree house in a wooded area belonging to a homeless shelter for women & children

 Field trip to the Ratner Museum to view artwork depicting biblical stories

 Cooking project with an  interfaith chef at a restaurant in Adam's Morgan 

Outing to Lloyd Street Synogogue in Baltimore to learn the history of how Jews came to Baltimore 

Rafting and camping trips 

Bowling, laser tag, and ice skating events

Movie nights at a teen's home followed by discussion of moral/ethical issues in film (Silkwood, Dead Man Walking)


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