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IFFP In The News

Interfaith Families Find Ways To Juggle Holidays

A compromise between Christmas, Hanukkah?

Gazette.Net - Mixed Jewish, Christian families weigh blending the religions for ‘Christmakuh’ or keeping them separate - December 13, 2006


Christmas and Hannukah -- which one should you celebrate first? See what some families are doing.
Washingtonpost Online - This Year, the Meaning of Dec. 25 Is Twofold - December 12, 2005


Interfaith' 'December Dilemma' - Families Celebrate Christmas and Hanukka customs
Five-year-old Connor Priester helps his mom, Susan decorate Christmas and Hanukkah cookies (above) on Sunday. The family celebrates both Christmas and Hanukkah.
Gazette.Net - Interfaith' 'December Dilemma' - Families Celebrate Christmas and Hanukka Customs - December 21, 2005

Listen and watch as one IFFP family discusses their celebation of Hannukah and Christmas, on the Public Television show 'Religion and Ethics'.

PBS - Religion and Ethics - December 23, 2005

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