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The rings represent members of an interfaith family joining together to celebrate their traditions while respecting the distinctiveness of each faith.

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Grade 4:


By the end of the school year, children in the fourth grade will be able to: Discuss at least four justice stories from the Bible and other sources, identify when people are being mistreated, tell at least two stories about God setting people free, tell at least two stories of God welcoming outcasts, discuss how communities of faith have been extended and expanded, and understand some different prayer and meditation practices from each faith.

The theme of justice will also include fairness and the concept of tolerance. These topics will be explored by studying historical figures in Judaism, significant stories of the life of Jesus, and the major observances of the Jewish and Christian faiths. The class will also read some non-Biblical literature, including Jewish folk tales and a short novel about the Danish people's resistance and support of the Jews during WWII. Throughout the year, the class will be alert to the use and meaning of religious and non-religious symbols that reflect justice and fairness.


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