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Interfaith Families Project of Greater Washington

 2004/2005 Registration

Name(s)       Birthday (mo/day only)     






Phone(s) (home)________________ (cell 1/work)_________________

(cell 2/work)___________________

E-mail(s)  __________________________________________________________________

We are new to IFFP:  _________

Yoga Class Sign-up:

Name #1________________________Name # 2_____________________________

(class meets during Sunday School time period and is an alternative to Adult Group)

IFFP Newsletter

The IFFP Newsletter will be e-mailed to all members as a printable Word attachment. 

Check here if you would like to receive the IFFP Newsletter by regular mail. ______

Please list all children/dependents planning to attend Sunday School, Coming of Age, Teen Group:

Name                                                            Date of Birth                         School               Grade (as of 9/04)



NOTE: All parents with children in the Sunday School Program are expected to help with their children’s class(es) during the year. For example, parents will rotate in providing classroom snacks and serving as classroom aides. This responsibility cannot be delegated, and it is in addition to members’ volunteer service requirements. 


Please list all other children/dependents you want listed in the Membership Directory:


Date of Birth





Special Needs


If you have a child with special needs, please check here _______


Barbara Silversmith, Director of Religious Education, will contact you about working together to create a successful experience for your child in our Sunday School Program.


Schedule of Fees

1. Membership Fee

 *IFFP membership fees are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law*  Recommended membership fees are based on gross family income, and on the number of adults, teens, and religious school-age children (shortened to “child” below) in your household.

* Families with more than two children pay only membership fee for two children.

Family Income up to $100,000   Number in Your Household
For each adult in your household: $175 _____
For each teen in your household: $175 _____
For each child in your household (up to two): $95 _____
Family Income  $100,000 - $150,000   Number in Your Household
For each adult in your household: $240 _____
For each teen in your household: $240 _____
For each child in your household (up to two): $105 _____
Family Income over $150,000   Number in Your Household
For each adult in your household: $265 _____
For each teen in your household: $265 _____
For each child in your household (up to two): $125 _____

    TOTAL MEMBERSHIP FEE DUE:   _____________

2. Sunday School Tuition
If you have one or more children attending Sunday School or Coming of Age, the tuition is:

One Child


Two children


Three children


*Special Coming of Age activities may require additional fees to be announced.

Tuition waivers for teachers: Your teaching contract indicates the amount of your tuition waiver. Teachers without children can choose to apply the cash equivalent of the waiver to membership fees. Any teacher who opts not to use his/her waiver can “donate” it to IFFP and get a tax-deductible credit for the cash equivalent of the waivers forgone. 

Teachers, please answer these questions:

Grade level you are teaching this year ___________ Do you want to use your waiver?  Yes or   No  (circle)
[If yes, subtract the waiver amount from your tuition bill.  If no, pay full tuition bill and we will send you a letter acknowledging the tax-deductible donation.]

3. Donation to Scholarship and Endowment Fund                                         _____________

Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. These funds will be used to fund Sunday School for anyone with a financial hardship and toward building an IFFP endowment.


If your annual amount is more than the Membership Fee, you may pay the entire sum or pay half now and the balance by January 1, 2005.




Please make your check payable to IFFP and mail this form and the check to:


            P.O. Box 5413

            Takoma Park, MD 20913


It is IFFP policy not to exclude anyone due to financial hardship. Please contact the office, 301-270-6337, for special arrangements.


IFFP Volunteers

IFFP cannot provide all the services we have been providing without volunteer commitments from every family.  All members will be required to provide a portion of the refreshments for Gatherings at least once during the year.  Sign-up sheets will be available at the first Gatherings of the year.  In addition, if you are not serving as a teacher or Board member, please sign up for at least one of the following tasks:

Setup/Cleanup Brigade. Produces a schedule of people to arrive at 9:45 a.m. before each Sunday Gathering and stay until 12:15 p.m. to assist in the setup/takedown of name badges, chairs, wall hangings, tables, etc.      

Name/e-mail: ________________________________

Refreshments Committee.  Arrive at 9:50 to set up tables with tablecloths, napkins, etc. Helps coordinate schedule of members bringing refreshments for gatherings.

Name/e-mail: ________________________________

Celebrations Group.  Assists Celebrations Coordinator in organizing holiday services, picnics, Shabbat potluck dinners, etc.

Name/e-mail: ________________________________

Community Service Coordinator.  Organizes community service activities for fall and spring community service days,  kids’ community service projects for the Membership Meeting Day, Sunday school classes, COA and Teen groups.

Name/e-mail: ________________________________

Community Service Group. Works with the Community Services Coordinator to organize community service activities and coordinate the community service activities of the Sunday School classes, COA, and Teen groups.

Name/e-mail: ________________________________

Comfort Group. Organize meal deliveries or other support for families stressed by new babies, hospitalizations, illnesses, deaths, etc.

Name/e-mail: ________________________________

Sunday School Group. Works with the Director of Religious Education on curriculum and policy issues and helps coordinate classroom parents for each Sunday School class.

Name/e-mail: ________________________________

Worship Committee. Attends regular meetings with the Spiritual Director to share prayer and music resources and advise on themes for Gatherings and Reflections.      

Name/e-mail: ________________________________

Women’s Retreat Group. Organizes house rental, assists Spiritual Director with programming, organizes publicity, and sign-up, food, transportation, room assignments, budget, etc. for the yearly Women’s Retreat (scheduled for April 15-17, 2005).

Name/e-mail: ________________________________

Men’s Night Out Group. Organizes publicity, signup, location, poker tables, refreshments, budget, etc. for IFFP Men’s activity—hike, poker night, or whatever—scheduled for March 19, 2005.

Name/e-mail: ________________________________

Coffee Mavens. Brew, transport, and set up coffee for Sunday Gatherings.

Name/e-mail: ________________________________

Adult Services Group.  Supports the Adult Services Coordinator in planning Sunday Adult Group and activities for couples without school-age children.

Name/e-mail: ________________________________

Jewish Holidays Group. Assists Celebrations Coordinator in planning High Holy Days and Seder celebrations, prepares tables/ritual foods, coordinates music/Seder leaders.

Name/e-mail: ________________________________

Holy Week and Advent Group.  Helps the Spiritual Director  with the production of the Easter reflection and any other activities related to Holy Week. Also helps at the Advent Wreath Making activity at the Holiday Party.

Name/e-mail: ________________________________

Sound System Mavens. Transport and set up IFFP sound system for Sunday Gatherings, Celebrations, etc.

Name/e-mail: ________________________________

IFFP Choir. Meet before Gatherings to rehearse IFFP songs and perform at Gatherings.

Name/e-mail: ________________________________

Other Working Groups or Tasks (your ideas here):________________________________________________

Name/e-mail: ________________________________