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The rings represent members of an interfaith family joining together to celebrate their traditions while respecting the distinctiveness of each faith.

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March 26:
Kabbalah, part two with Rabbi White

April 23:
Messianic Concept in Judaism & Christianity with Rabbi White
Track two: Getting to Know Rev. Julia Jarvis, Spiritual Director

May 7:
Salvation & Forgiveness

May 14:
The Jewish Roots of Christianity with Rabbi White


The Sermon on the Mount: Gandhi considered converting to Christianity because of it. What is the power in these few simple words from Matthew?

The Gospel According to IFFP: The role of the individual in interpreting our two traditions. How far can one go and still be within the fold?

So What's So Good About Religion Anyway?: Positive memories recalled from own personal experiences in organized religion and how they can be worked into our IFFP lives together.

Islam: Ismail Shah, a member of the Dar us Salaam Islamic community& school and al Huda Mosque, discussed and answered questions about Islam.

Rate that Tune: Reflecting on a prior discussion of the importance of music in our religious and spiritual life, we addressed the role music plays in our Gatherings and set about to sample possible songs for future use.

The Story of Esther: Rabbi Gildah Langner, director of the Open Academy for Jewish Studies, focused on the story of this heroine of the Jewish holiday, Purim.

Mel Gibson's “Passion”: Discussion of the film and it's meaning led by members who had viewed the film. How can/should IFFP respond to political and cultural events that may influence Christian/Jewish relations?

Thoughts on the “Family System” in Interfaith Families:  An exploration of ideas from family systems thinking that are potentially instructive for us as we try to make sense of the interfaith family experience, led by Dan Griffin.

God and IFFPWhat role should God play in IFFP? Is there a shared conception of God that we can agree on? Are we a community of faith, a community searching for faith, or a community interested in faith?

Ethnic Humor: Good taste, bad taste, no taste: ethnic humor in an interfaith relationship and when, if ever, is it appropriate? Who has the “right” to tell an ethnic joke?


    • Muslims in America, with Dr. Zahid Bukhari
    • The Historical Jesus
    • The Jesus Seminar, with Arthur Dewey and Hal Taussig
    • December Dilemma: How to Celebrate Christmas & Hanukkah in an Interfaith Family
    • Christian Feminist Theology, with Mary Hunt
    • Jewish Law and Stem Cell Research, with Rabbi Breitowitz
    • Crisis in Israel/Palestine
    • Jewish Feminist Theology, with Rabbi Leila Gal Berner
    • Why Do We Pray?
    • Children and Spirituality, with Ellen Jennings (former Director of Religious Education)
    • The Lord's Prayer
    • The Sh'ma
    • A Progressive Conception of Spirituality with Rev. Epperly and Rabbi Solomon
    • Does Celebrating the Sabbath Matter?
    • Lent
    • Shavuot/Pentecost
    • The Joy of Interfaith Cooking
    • IFFP and Non-interfaith Families
    • Sexual Relations between Hebrews and non-Hebrew in the Bible
    • Thinking About Communion

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